One piece

Want my assets?well take it!go for it!

There goes the wealth of the whole planet!

Destructed:5267973 OP

42000000 OP


6x Repo – the first time



I know that I was a bitcoin early miner and hoarded a lot of bitcoin, but the bitcoin price is still beyond my expectations. This led me to think a lot, and got the price relationship of virtual currency: the price is determined by supply and demand, the price is inversely proportional to supply, and proportional to demand. Starting from this formula, I started this experiment, continuously reducing supply and gradually repurchasing to push up demand, thus driving price increases.





Moon landing plan

Treasure map Ⅲ

Get your own OP

Rule: Treasure plan launches for four times in total. Deposit ETH to exchange with OP and so push forward. The one who pass the treasure point gains the ETH as treasure

Prize pool

Price: 904.4388 ETH (Current exchange ratio: 1 ETH/14000 OP)



please set the gas to over 140000,or may lead to a failed exchange.